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Hope Mommies

Hope Mommies is an organization bringing the hope of Christ

to bereaved mothers and fathers experiencing infant loss


Memorial Walk For Babies

MWFB raises money and awareness for First Candle - an organization uniting parents, caregivers and
researchers to advance infant health and survival 

Jana Cook (432)557-1854

Loretta Welch (432)207-0427



West Texas Maternal Fetal Medicine

West Texas Maternal Fetal Medicine

specializes in high-risk pregnancies


4 P's

Pediatric, Perinatal, Palliative Program

 The 4 P’s provide a nurturing and guided support system to families and children, both born and unborn, receiving a
life-limiting or life-threatening diagnosis

Jamie Chance  (432)582-8757 

Robin Davis  (432) 967-0416 

Brian Serrano  (432) 580-0067



Christian Fine Art

Artist Alicia Rawlins specializes in Christian art

(see print "Glimpse of Heaven - Jesus Holding a Newborn Baby")


 Mesothelioma Center

A free web resource that provides information and support to

individuals as well as families who have lost a loved one.


For Parents:


“I'll Hold You in Heaven"

by JackHayford 


“I Will Carry You" & "Mended"

By Angie Smith


"Holding Onto Hope" & "One Year Book of Hope Devotional"

by Nancy Guthrie


"A Gift of Time"

by Keubelbeck and Davis


"A Guide for Fathers"

by Tim Nelson 


"A Silent Sorrow"

by Ingrid Kohl


"Audrey Bunny"

by Angie Smith 


"Big George:  The Autobiography of an Angel"

by James Jennings


"Empty Arms"

by Pam Uredevelt


"Empty Cradle Broken Heart"

by Deborah Davis


"Grieving the Child I Never Knew"

by Katherine Wunnenber


"Heaven is for Real" and Heaven is for Real for Kids"

by Todd Burpo and Family


"I wasn't Ready to Say Goodbye"

by Brook Noel 


"Parenthood Lost"

by Michael R. Herman 


"Supernatural Childbirth"

by Jackie Mize


"Waiting With Gabriel"

by Amy Kuebelbeck




For grandparents:


For Bereaved Grandparents

by Margaret Gerner 


A Grandparent's Sorrow

by Pat Schwiebert



For siblings:


We Were Gonna Have a Baby,

but We Had an Angel Instead

by Pat Schwiebert


Happy Birthday, Ruby

by Kathryn Dalla Fontana


I Have a Baby Sister in Heaven

by Toni Tattis


No New Baby (Spanish)

by Marilyn Gryte





Author Angie Smith - I Will Carry You

Audrey Caroline
















For those who understand,
no explanation is needed.
For those who do not understand,
no explanation is possible
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